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Cameo Light Installation at Carneval Stunksitzung Cologne Profile Moving Head OPUS Sp 5 EVOS w3 Fresnel Spotlights Cameo F2 Beam Moving Head AZOR B1

Radiant Carnival – Cameo lights up the alternative Stunksitzungen in Cologne

When the so-called “fifth season” awakens in Cologne, Germany, the time of the countless carnival meetings begins. In addition to the big carnival meetings, the cabaret-style Stunksitzung has made a national name for itself...

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience – Cameo Lights Up Immersive Live Adventure in London

The first Tomb Raider video game was released for Sony PlayStation in 1996. Today, the brand that features protagonist Lara Croft is an action franchise, comprising video games, movies, novels, comics and more. Since...