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Cameo Light Lightshow Rea Garvey Roots Tour Light Design by Chris Rocketchris Glatthor

Back to the Roots – Chris Glatthor and Cameo on Rea Garvey’s club tour

It’s been 23 years since Rea Garvey and his former band Reamonn stormed their way up the charts with “Supergirl”. Today, the likable Irishman is one of Germany’s most popular musicians and a frequent...
Cameo Light Installation TV show Frisno AZOR S2 compact moving head

Spots for the Song of the Year – Cameo AZOR S2 at the “Frišno” TV Show

Every year, the Slovenian TV show “Frišno” chooses the song of the year. The production is focused on the artists together with a big band, which accompanies each performance live. To further enhance the...
Cameo Light Installation at Nature One Festival 2023 with OTOS H5 IP65 Hybrid Moving Head OTOS B5 IP65 Beam Moving Head AZOR B1 Beam Moving Head ZENIT W600 Wash Light

Where We Belong – Cameo at NATURE ONE 2023

Where We Belong – the place to be for all EDM fans. The legendary rocket base Pydna Kastellaun in the Hunsrück region sets the scene for NATURE ONE. The festival for techno, house, trance,...
Cameo Light Installation a Festival Lent Slovenia with PIXBAR 600 LED Bar Profile Moving Head OPUS X Profile and Hybrid Moving Head OPUS H5 Wash Light ZENIT W600

In the best hands – Cameo inspires the lighting designers at the Festival Lent in Slovenia

From 23 June to 1 July, the city centre of Maribor was transformed into a large festival area for music, art and culture. For the 30th time, large and small stages were erected in...
Cameo Light at LDI Show 2022 Lighting Design Live Design International 2022

Cameo at LDI 2022 – New Highlights for Outdoor Events, TV, Theater and More

At this year’s Live Design International (LDI) from November 14-20, Cameo will present a variety of product highlights that significantly expand the spectrum of professional lighting designers and operators. In addition to the Cameo...