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Press: Excellent Design Quality: Adam Hall Group Products win the 2016 Red Dot Award!

Adam Hall Group has won four prizes: CURV 500® and Maui® 5 were awarded the Red Dot, as was the complete VIBZ-Mixer series by LD Systems®. What’s more, the new Gravity® Mic Stands series now also bears the Red Dot, the international award for great design. Around 5,200 products and innovations spanning 57 countries competed


LD Systems Maui 5—compact line array and integrated mixer—test report by tools4music

Active column PAs have firmly established themselves in the audio industry. The systems impress with their convenient transportation options, quick set up and unobtrusive appearance compared to classic speaker boxes. The range of systems available is expanding constantly—and one of these is the “MAUI” series from LD Systems. The newcomer is called simply “MAUI 5”

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Press: Adam Hall Group with even more new audio highlights at Prolight + Sound, hall 3.1, booth E60

Adam Hall Group will present an overview of their extensive portfolio at booth E60 in hall 3.1, not only including their brands LD Systems®, Cameo®, Defender®, Palmer®, Adam Hall® Hardware, Adam Hall® Stage Equipment & Cables, but also their new stands brand Gravity®. Products from exclusive distributor brands will also be exhibited across almost 400


LD Systems CURV 500 – Portable Line Array – Review by Event Rookie

In recent years, the range of small portable PA systems on the market has grown. The classic combination of two basses and two top sections has been obsolete for quite some time, now replaced by cutting-edge speakers. Not only the design but also the built-in technology gives you the feeling that a quantum leap has


LD Systems Maui 5 – sound meets design – Bonedo.de test report

At the start of 2015, LD Systems surprised us with the announcement of a compact column PA for €549. Now we have one to review. It is slim, stylish and lightweight. It also packs in a personal butler, in the form of an onboard mixer. Now it just has to sound good. We ask Ms.

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LD Systems, Palmer and Gravity support SPH Bandcontest

The SPH Bandcontest is a competition which aims to promote young up-and-coming artists. The event is supported by the national music industry and corresponding associations. We are proud to be able to support this outstanding contest with prizes provided by LD Systems, Palmer and Gravity! Since 2008, more than 200 students and musicians have been


Press: Even more awards for the LD Systems CURV 500

The LD Systems® brand from Adam Hall Group is once again celebrating new awards for the CURV 500® transportable array system: BEST of SHOW ’16, Presented at ISE 2016 and Music Super NAMM Awards 2016. Organised by NewBay Media, the BEST of SHOW programme from the publication PSN Europe named the CURV 500® series winner