LD Systems DDQ 10 – A product test by beat.de

According to the manufacturer, the DDQ 10 active PA box demonstrates its strengths at any PA event. Does it mean that every party is now firmly under control? With the DDQ Series, LD Systems intends to create a new standard for PA speakers around the 1000 euro price mark. According to the manufacturer, all models

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LD Systems and Palmer support the new Jamliner Bus – Hamburg's musical bus

The Jamliner II is a former bus, which was rebuilt with help from sponsors to turn it into a mobile band rehearsal room. LD Systems contributed two DDQ 10 active speakers, a LAX6D compact mixer, and a LDHPA6 headphone amplifier. Palmer supported the project by providing high-quality DI speakers. The bus route covers socially-disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


LD Systems MEI 100 G2 & MEI 1000 G2 – UHF Wireless In-Ear Systems – Review by Bonedo.de

The LD Systems MEI 100 G2 & MEI 1000 G2 in-ear systems are two new affordable amateur systems for wireless monitoring. Already in line with the new EU regulations (lots of old wireless systems will be discontinued by 01/01/2016 due to a reorganisation of frequencies granting permission for free use). Are the new systems by


LD Systems Stinger Mix 6 A G2 / Mix 6 G2 – Review by KR home-studio magazine

LD Systems has a comprehensive range of mobile sound systems at competitive prices, with systems ranging from 400 to 2,400 euros, all at an amazing price-to-performance ratio. We tested two medium-height sound systems, and this is our review of the Stinger Mix 6 G2 with additional passive loudspeakers. The passive loudspeaker weighs just 5.25 kg