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LD Systems & Cameo Light at the Bakken amusement park in Copenhagen

The open-air stage at the amusement park of Bakken in Copenhagen had been working with the same electro-voice-point-source PA system for many years. It was high time to replace it with a more contemporary system. The challenge was to set up a system allowing for better control of the spread of sound, and at the


Planet Festival Tour 2014 – LD Systems give away a WS 1000 G2 HHD Wireless Microphone

The Danube Island Festival is held every year in June for three days on the Danube Island in Vienna, and is the largest open-air festival in Europe with up to three million visitors. To support the band contest organised by our partner Planet.tt, we have provided a WS 1000 G2 HHD wireless microphone system from

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Africa at Lüneburger Heide – Adam Hall at the Serengetipark

The Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen (Lower Saxony) is a wildlife, safari and leisure park in Northern Germany. Since its foundation in 1974, conservation, research and sustainability play an important part in the philosophy of the operator, who depends on the reliability of the four durably installed mobile systems from Adam Hall.  The Serengeti Park uses the