Think Outside The Box – We receive the BSFZ Seal for Innovation Competence

Every innovation begins with an initial idea. At the Adam Hall Group, these ideas are born anew every day – and they are developed step by step at our Experience Centre at our headquarters in Neu-Anspach, Germany, into finished products and solutions that support event technology users worldwide in their creative processes. Recently, this innovative competence has been officially confirmed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. With the award of the BSFZ seal by the Certification Body for Research Grants, we are now recognised as a researching and developing company.


By awarding the BSFZ seal within the framework of the Research Subsidy Act, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research acknowledges, among other things, the development of the LD Systems MAILA (Modular All-Round Intelligent Line-Array) sound reinforcement system, as well as a digital mixer platform that will be used for the first time in the upcoming MAUI G3 MIX column systems.

The BSFZ seal certifies the innovative competence of companies in the areas of research and development. After a positive review of the submitted R&D (research and development) projects, companies also receive funding through the federal government’s research allowance.

Stages of development

Our history of innovation is inextricably linked to our brands. In addition to DEFENDER and Palmer, which set new standards in their respective fields as early as the 1980s and 1990s, LD Systems, Cameo and Gravity in particular have shaped the Adam Hall Group’s reputation as an innovative developer of event technology over the past decade. For example, the world’s first portable line array – CURV 500 – and the MAUI P900 column system (developed in collaboration with Porsche Design Studio) are two ground-breaking examples of our company’s innovative strength.

With the opening of the Experience Centre in 2018 at our headquarters in Neu-Anspach, we reached a new milestone in innovation. In addition to a fully equipped showroom, the building complex houses, among other things, an anechoic acoustic measurement room, various continuous and climate test benches, a light measurement laboratory, and sufficient space for model making and 3D prototyping – ideal conditions for our R&D teams to translate customer requirements and wishes into reality.

“When developing the MAILA, we asked ourselves the question: how can we make life easier for the event engineer?”

Martin Jung, Senior Acoustic Engineer


The LD Systems MAILA system marks the preliminary culmination of our innovation history. The Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array is not just a product: it is a scalable sound reinforcement system that sets new standards in its diversity and flexibility – and it embodies the DNA of LD Systems like no other product.

“We always start from the typical everyday problems of the users and try to find smart solutions for them. This was also the birth of our EasySplay mechanism for adjusting the angles of the line array satellites particularly easily.”

Jonas Mulfinger, Project Manager Audio / Mechanical Engineer

“We are very pleased to receive the BSFZ seal. Innovation is the engine of our industry. With the funding from the federal government, we can pursue this approach even more extensively.”

Alexander Pietschmann, CEO Adam Hall Group

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