Radiant setting for a Gothic beauty: Cameo illuminates La Rinascente at Milan Cathedral

Every day, Milan’s cathedral attracts around 10,000 visitors. The whole city benefits from this, and so does the upmarket La Rinascente department store, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the world-famous building. In January and February 2023, the arcades of La Rinascente shone particularly brightly and colourfully. The reason: lighting designer Giuseppe Cividini from Milleluci Light Design installed 22 Cameo FLAT PRO® 18 G2 LED outdoor spotlights and provided an enchanting view of the Gothic beauty.

Cameo Light Installation Outdoor Spotlights FLAT PRO 18 G2 at La Rinascente

For the architectural lighting in atmospheric red, Cividini used the IP65-certified Cameo FLAT PRO® 18 G2 as uplights on the arcade arches and shop window frames. In addition to the exceptional light output – in their performance class – the compactness and low weight, Cividini was particularly impressed by the mounting options and smart practical solutions offered by these outdoor all-rounders:

“The colours of the FLAT PRO 18 G2 are exceedingly clean, plus the U-brackets are extremely sturdy, which helped us securely mount the fixtures to the walls. Another benefit is that the lights remember the last colour set, so we didn’t have to worry about the integrity of the multi-week 24/7 lighting design in the event of a power failure.”

Giuseppe Cividini, Milleluci Light Design

For the architectural lighting at La Rinascente, Cividini worked for the first time with fixtures from Cameo – and will regularly use the lighting solutions from Germany for projects in the design sector in the future:

“Cameo has opened up a new world of lighting for me that I don’t want to deprive my many clients in the design sector of.”

The following Cameo products were used for the architectural lighting of La Rinascente:

22 x Cameo FLAT PRO® 18 G2 – 18 x 10 W RGBWA LED Outdoor Spotlight

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