Pleasure for the ears – LD Systems DQOR provides sound for the Barbary Brasserie in Istanbul

With around 15.5 million inhabitants, the Turkish city of Istanbul is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world. The luxurious Vadistanbul Mall is located only a few kilometres from the city centre, and the mall – which has a total area of 103,000 m2 – also houses the Barbary Brasserie. Here, guests can enjoy culinary delights from fine breakfast to dinner, as well as getting in the mood for Istanbul’s nightlife with cocktails in the separate Cigar Lounge. In addition to the gastronomic delights, guests at the Barbary can also expect excellent sound – which is provided by the installation loudspeakers of the DQOR Series from LD Systems.

Credits: Barbary Brasserie

Sound system

As one of the first users in Europe, the Barbary Brasserie opted for the professional DQOR installation solutions from LD Systems. A total of 48 DQOR loudspeakers (which are available in 3-inch, 5-inch and 8-inch versions) are used in the stylish ambience to provide high-quality background sounds in the various areas of the brasserie. The LD Systems DQOR installation loudspeakers are characterised by their balanced sound image, while the wide dispersion angles of 120 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically ensure even sound distribution in the rooms of the Barbary.


The powerful low-frequency foundation in the Barbary is provided by 10 active LD Systems SUB 88 A subwoofers and ten passive LD Systems SUB 88 subwoofers. The powerful 2 x 8-inch bandpass subwoofers can be positioned vertically or horizontally due to their compact dimensions, allowing for extremely flexible positioning in the brasserie.

Perfect integration

The Astech Group was responsible for the system integration of the Barbary Brasserie. When selecting the installation solutions, the experienced project team placed particular emphasis on high sound quality and seamless integration into the special ambience of the Barbary Brasserie.

Credits: Barbary Brasserie

The following LD Systems products are used in the Barbary Brasserie:

  • 20x LD Systems DQOR 5 5-inch 2-way installation loudspeakers
  • 16x LD Systems DQOR 8 8-inch 2-way installation loudspeakers
  • 12x LD Systems DQOR 3 3-inch 2-way installation loudspeakers
  • 10x LD Systems SUB 88 A, 2 x 8-inch subwoofers, active
  • 10x LD Systems SUB 88, 2 x 8-inch subwoofers, passive           

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