Architectural lighting for the big players – Cameo ZENIT P130 PAR spotlights illuminate the facades in Prague’s “The Park”

Companies opening an office in Prague simply cannot ignore “The Park”. This business complex in the south of the Czech capital is made up of 12 buildings and eight restaurants on an area of around 120,000 mand is home to global players such as 3M, Fujitsu, Samsung and DHL. In order not to leave the impressive glass facades of the office buildings unused in the dark after work and sunset, The Park’s operators – the White Star Real Estate company – chose to bring in large-scale architectural lighting. For the complex illumination job, integrators Foxtron relied exclusively on Cameo’s ZENIT® P130 LSD LED PAR lights.

Cameo Installation ZENIT P130 The Park Prague

For this particular project, we had to find fixtures that not only impressed with their high light output and excellent colour quality, but that were also compact enough to fit to the building’s shape, including into existing recesses. The Cameo ZENIT P130 meets all these requirements.

Jan Kadlec, Managing Director of Foxtron
Cameo Installation ZENIT P130 The Park Prague

Since the start of the year, a grand total of 170 ZENIT P130 LSDs have been illuminating The Park’s facades. The project necessitated Foxtron installing IP65 floodlights in the ground, on the floor, and on walls, as well as in The Park’s various iron flower tubs. “The P130 is a really robust spotlight and has so far withstood all the rigours of continuous use without any problems whatsoever,” says Kadlec. This all bodes well for The Park, as the facade lighting is due to be expanded even further in the future. So 170 lights in, and this project is still a long way from being finished!

The following Cameo products are used in The Park:

170 x Cameo ZENIT® P130 LSD lights

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Pictures by Stanislav Milata / Atelier Mist Foto

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