Press: DEFENDER® presents EXA-TAPE® with innovative ERGO Core dispenser

Neu-Anspach, Germany – 12. May 2021 – DEFENDER® presents EXA-TAPE® – a high-quality fabric adhesive tape (also known as gaffer tape in specialist jargon) for professional use in live productions, at events, and on construction sites. In addition to the usual high adhesive strength on a variety of surfaces, EXA-TAPE® also offers easy removal after use, without leaving adhesive residues. The newly developed ERGO Core dispenser also ensures tidy and fast tape application.

With EXA-TAPE®, DEFENDER proves that even good old gaffer tape still has something new to offer. Most tapes on the market offer maximum adhesive strength, but it’s upon their removal (at the latest) that you see the difference between high and low-quality products. DEFENDER EXA-TAPE® is based on a special natural rubber adhesive that sticks to almost any surface and can be removed without leaving any residue, despite its high adhesive strength. In addition to this, EXA-TAPE® can be easily torn off with a clean edge that doesn’t tear out any threads.

While still not child’s play, the reusable ERGO Core is a simple and effective ball bearing-based dispenser that makes working with gaffer tape noticeably more comfortable for stagehands, tradespeople, and industrial workers – with or without gloves. ERGO Core consists of two plastic parts that are assembled and inserted into the sleeve of the tape in a single movement.

EXA-TAPE® is available for market launch in a width size of 50 mm (roll length 50 m) in black matt, black glossy, white glossy, and silver glossy.

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