TV2/Nord opts for Cameo F2 D – Profox installs Fresnel spotlights in the Danish broadcaster’s TV studio

With a market share of around 25%, TV2 is the most watched television station in Denmark. TV2/Nord is one of eight regional services providing news and other specially produced formats. Since mid-April 2019, TV2/Nord’s studio 1 has been equipped with Cameo F2 D Fresnel spotlights with daylight LEDs. They were locally installed by the Danish audio-visual service provider Profox.

Replacing lots of kW
The Cameo F2 D spotlights, which are replacing the previously used De Sisti Leonardo 2 kW Fresnel spotlights, impressed decision-makers at TV2/Nord with their values for indoor and outdoor use: “The client was looking for an efficient LED to replace its old Fresnels and illuminate the studio with high-quality natural light,” explained Brian Toft, project manager at Profox. “During the tendering procedure, we arranged a demo presentation thereafter, TV2/Nord decided to go with Cameo F2 D.”

Life-like colours and super silent
In addition to energy-saving and low-maintenance LED technology, TV2/Nord’s list of requirements included, but were not limited to, a high CRI value for life-like colour reproduction, variable pulse width modulation and silent operation for the TV station’s news and interview-based programs.

Cameo F2 D
The Cameo F2 D is a professional Fresnel spotlight with a 200 mm quality lens and high luminous flux of 15,000 lm. The RDM-enabled spotlight creates a soft-edged beam of light with an infinitely variable beam angle ranging from 15° to 40°, and it is the perfect and energy-efficient replacement for conventional kW Fresnel models. Its 240 W daylight LED with 5,400 K colour temperature runs for up to 50,000 hours. Colours are naturally and faithfully reproduced thanks to the very high colour rendering index of 96. The F2 D’s six variable pulse width modulation frequencies (up to 25 kHz) guarantee flicker-free operation, while heat pipe cooling and a temperature-controlled fan ensure optimum functionality. The sturdy cast aluminium housing is fitted out with a rotary encoder and OLED display for convenient spotlight configuration; five-pin DMX connectors and Power Twist mains sockets make it easy to connect in series. 8-leaf barn doors, a gel frame and mains cable also come supplied.

The following products were used on the TV2/Nord project:
Cameo F2 D Daylight Fresnel Spotlights

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