LD Systems Maui 44 – On the road in America

In November, the Maui 44 supported DJ Eric Visa, who is well-known in New York and London, at a wedding performance. The wedding took place in the Collingswood Grand Ballroom in southern New Jersey, a unique location for extravagant events and celebrations. Subtle and stylish, the Maui 44 fitted in perfectly into the surroundings of


“Bläck Fööss” supported by LD Systems and Cameo Light


“Bläck Fööss” (“barefoot”), is one of the most successful Cologne-dialect music groups from the area. At its concert in Lohmar at the end of  October, the band, which has been around for four decades, was supported by a range of LD Systems and Cameo Light products. You meet all sorts of people at Bläck Fööss