Lightweight Power Packs – the LD Systems Oxid Series with Digital Signal Processing

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Introducing the Oxid 12A and 15A LD Systems present two easily portable bi-amped fullrange PA loudspeakers that pack plenty of punch. Featuring digital signal processing and a peak limiter for versatile and reliable operation the biamped Oxid speakers integrate a Class D amp with high-efficiency SMPS driving the neodymium woofer and a Class AB amp


Powerhouse – LD SYSTEMS “DDQ 10″ – Test Report by Event Rookie

The term “screambox” comes to mind when discussing today’s subject. Small, compact, light and unbelievably loud – these are the qualities which stayed with us after the first preview session. Although “screambox” has also come to be associated with bad quality, poorly tuned, screechy compact speakers, this is definitely not the case with the DDQ


LD Systems @ Opening Fritz Events in the Netherlands

Opening Fritz BB

The reopening of Fritz-Events, in Suburbs (Noord-Brabant) in the Netherlands was a great success. In the shop, professional sound and lighting products are now on the shelves. Also, Adam Hall’s premium music and stage equipment is now available. The active Fullrange-Touring class speakers from LD Systems’ DDQ series supported the opening ceremony with a professional


New Additions to the DDQ Family – the LD Systems DDQ Series Subwoofers


After successfully introducing the DDQ 10″ and 12″ fullrange loudspeakers a while ago LD Systems have now added two active cardioid subwoofers to the series providing a tight, punchy bottom end for the line’s satellite speakers. The brand new models DDQ Sub 18 and DDQ Sub 212 are powered by two high-performance Hypex Class D