A-Team Light – mobile 20m² Outdoor LED Wall with PA from LD Systems

Lasting impressions need something big! Additional information at: http://www.a-team-light.de/ or http://ld-systems.com/1-1-home.html


LD Systems MAUI 28 meets virtuoso finger acrobatics


When it comes to the duo “Benson & Schaller”, two times six strings equals more than twelve. With virtuosic delight, tremendous energy, and some downright acrobatic moments, the two acoustic guitarists ignite enthralling musical fireworks in their “Strings On Fire” concerts. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Benson (Thomas Kalb) about music and


No Fear of Heights for LD Systems!

Thomas Jung is a field representative for Adam Hall GmbH. On Tuesday, 17 April, he was in the East-Westphalian town of Verl in order to accept a longstanding invitation to visit the stadium in Bielefeld together with his customer Alexander Hülhorst from the firm Beckhoff Technik & Design. Thomas reported the following about his visit: