World premiere at the OMR Festival – PRG relies on the Cameo ORON® H2 phosphor-laser moving head

PRG was one of the first users worldwide to use the Cameo ORON H2 IP65 hybrid moving head with phosphor-laser engine in a live production. The pioneering laser moving head provided spectacular beams and effects on the main stage of this year’s OMR Festival 2024 in Hamburg.

Cameo Light ORON H2 IP65 Hybrid Phosphor-Laser Moving Head at OMR Festival with PRG

PRG and lighting designer Ben Marquardt (QConcept) placed eight ORON H2s on the floor in front of the huge projection screen on which all the talks and presentations in the large hall were projected. The ORON H2 thus accompanied the eagerly awaited appearances of OMR top guests Kim Kardashian, Robert Habeck, Jeff Koons, Rick Rubin and many more.

“The ORON H2 is a special spotlight,” says Ben Marquardt. “With its razor-sharp, narrow beams, it is perfect for prominent stage looks and fan effects at the speakers’ entrances, but also as a static ‘spotlight’ when the focus is fully on the talks.”

“The ORON H2 fulfils the most important requirements of a modern moving head spotlight: it is powerful, versatile, compact and cost-efficient. We are delighted that the ORON H2 was able to celebrate its successful stage premiere at the OMR Main Stage.”

Matthias Allhoff, Director Asset Strategy at PRG Germany

© PRG AG Deutschland, Detlev Klockow

With 38 branches in 29 countries, PRG is one of the largest event production companies in the world. In Germany, PRG is represented by over 350 employees at five locations and has more than 20,000 m2 of warehouse space.

The Cameo ORON H2 is based on a 260-watt phosphor laser engine, which acts as an energy-efficient and long-lasting replacement for discharge lamps in the 480-watt class. With its combination of beam, spot and wash and an unrivalled zoom range of 0.6°-32° for laser moving heads, the IP65-capable ORON H2 is suitable for flexible use on medium and large stages – both indoors and outdoors. With 19 fixed and 12 rotating gobos as well as two combinable effect wheels with six prisms, beam ovalisers and frost filters, the laser moving head leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to creative beam design. Thanks to its laser technology, the ORON H2 also serves as a future-proof and sustainable alternative considering the upcoming EU ban on discharge lamps from 2027.

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