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Cameo Light Installation with Lichtschall for the Kongress für Familienunternehmen (WIFU)

Families front and centre – Lichtschall stages congress for family businesses with Cameo

In mid-March, the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) hosted the 26th Congress for Family Businesses at Witten/Herdecke University. Presentations, workshops and networking formats were on the programme over two days. The highlight was...
Cameo Light Installation Musical Los Chicos Del Coro with OPUS SP5 Moving Head and EVOS W3 Beam Wash Moving Head Interview with Juanjo Llorens

Los Chicos del Coro – Interview with lighting designer Juanjo Llorens about the award-winning musical

In November 2022, the Spanish musical “Los Chicos del Coro” (The Choirboys) premiered at the Teatro La Latina in Madrid. The production is based on the Oscar-winning film “The Children of Monsieur Mathieu” and...
Cameo Light Installation at Carneval Stunksitzung Cologne Profile Moving Head OPUS Sp 5 EVOS w3 Fresnel Spotlights Cameo F2 Beam Moving Head AZOR B1

Radiant Carnival – Cameo lights up the alternative Stunksitzungen in Cologne

When the so-called “fifth season” awakens in Cologne, Germany, the time of the countless carnival meetings begins. In addition to the big carnival meetings, the cabaret-style Stunksitzung has made a national name for itself...