A secure hold for effects pedals – PEDALBAY 40, the smaller Palmer pedalboard

When you like to work with various floor effects, at some point you don’t want to muck around wasting precious time with the assembly and disassembly of your stomp boxes. A pedalboard is the ideal remedy for that situation. Here, the effects devices are held securely in place, are hard-wired, and can be arranged to


Palmer Pocket Effects Chorus, Flanger and Analog Delay are presented in new product videos

Effect pedals have been at the feet of nearly every guitar player on the planet since the Rolling Stones hit the airwaves with “Satisfaction”. Today, the Palmer product range includes an extensive selection of pedals for different effects – for guitar and bass. Both the classics in our effects series Chorus and Flanger as well


Tech Talk – Palmer Eins – Full Tube Guitar Amplifier 1W

Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers. Hi, and welcome to another short Palmer video. Today I’m going to talk about this new little mini amp, the Palmer EINS. You might have seen the other video on YouTube where

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The new 2013 catalogues have arrived – Palmer Musical Instruments and Palmer Audio Tools

Effective immediately, the Palmer Musical Instruments and Palmer Audio Tools catalogues are available for downloading free of charge. Now you can find out all about our new products for 2013. Alternatively, you can also request a general catalogue in the new “upside / down” format at no cost or obligation to you. Effective immediately, the


Tech Talk – Palmer Pocket Amp

This video shows the Palmer Palmer MI PEPAMP – Pocket Amp explained by Markus Torvinen (Palmer Engineer) and Robin Henlich (Palmer production manager). ROBIN: Very nice! Hi there, we’re here again with another video from Palmer. This is Markus, developer at Palmer, I’m Robin. We’re here to show you the Palmer Pocket Amp. This is