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Press: We Will Get Through This Together – Adam Hall Group Organizes an Industry Talk as a Livestream at www.event.tech

Neu-Anspach – March 25, 2020 – Get ready for March 31st: the Adam Hall Group will be hosting an online industry talk via a livestream. With one-hour rounds of moderated discussions between experts, the Adam Hall Group is reacting to the international developments of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), which among other things led to the cancellation

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Club and Concert Hall Combined – LD Systems and Cameo in Spain’s Cue Club

Outfitting a club today requires selecting equipment to cover two different types of events: parties and concerts. Not every spotlight or speaker can equally fulfill the varying demands. But this isn’t the case in Cue – a club located in the Spanish city of Aranjuez near Madrid. Here, the LD Systems VA8 line array and


Motorway Light Art – Cameo Illuminates “Seven Brothers” in Finland

From February 2-9, nearly 500.000 drivers in Finland drove under a light art installation at 100 km/h. “The Light Of The Brothers” was created by the Finnish event technology service provider Electro Waves Oy, who illuminated the motorway bridge with different light designs every day in honor of the 150th anniversary of the famous novel