Cameo Wookie 200 RGY & IODA 600 RGB – galactic show laser – a test report from pma magazine

What would the characters of the world famous space saga be without their laser guns and lightsabers? Helping light shows stay exciting, Cameo presents two show lasers, whose names remind us of two space heroes. In the world of show lasers, Wookie is smaller than Ioda (Yoda). Unlike its shaggy cinematic counterpart, the Cameo Wookie

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Adam Hall Group ties the knot with PT Citra Intirama

SINGAPORE: Having recently announced PT Citra Intirama as its exclusive distribution partner for the Adam Hall Group in Indonesia, the German manufacturer wasted no time in introducing its main dealers to its Asian headquarters and spacious 300 sqm showroom in Singapore. PT Citra Intirama MD Eric Haslim together with the senior management of the Jakarta-based


Cameo Thunder Wash 600 RGB – two in one – a test report from pma magazine

A stroboscope flashes, a blinder dazzles and a wash light throws a broad light. But what do you call a spotlight that can do all of this? Thunder Wash 600 RGB is what Cameo calls it. We tested how well it actually performs each of these tasks. Visually, the Cameo Thunder Wash 600 is clearly