Palmer Bazz and Palmer Mutterstolz [Mother's pride] are among the most popular guitar effects with delamar readers

The aim of the recent reader survey conducted by delamar.de was to find out which guitar effects the musical community holds dearest. Among the favourites were the Palmer Bazz and Palmer Mutterstolz [Mother’s pride]. What is an effect anyway? The answer’s easy: An effect device does not generate any sound on its own, rather it

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ln the mix – Interview with Cenzo Townshend by Dan Gumble

Mixer and audio engineer, Cenzo Townshend, speaks to Dan Gumble about gear, working with some of the biggest names in music and the importance of a healthy MI retail environment. Few mixers can boast a client list to rival that of Cenzo Townshend. Over the past two decades, he has mixed some of the most successful