Palmer PDI-09 The Junction – Pocket-sized speaker simulator – Test report by Bonedo.de

Anyone looking at speaker simulation ought to know that it is a topic of never-ending debate. The various factors involved with miking up guitar loudspeakers are not only plentiful but also very different. For example, the end result depends greatly upon the type of speaker used. Even with that, there are a dazzling array of


Palmer PDI 03 JB – A test report by delamar.de

Palmer PDI 03 JB In this Test Report you'll discover why you can just forget about miking up your guitar speakers if you want to – and avoid having to buy the equipment required. The reason? The popular Joe Bonamassa DI box provides speaker simulation with three filters for replicating a vast spectrum of cabinet


Palmer DACCAPO Re-Amplification Box – Review by Guitar Interactive Magazine


Twenty years ago no one used re-amping – now everyone is at it. Andi Picker explores a magic box. I’ve written before in Making Tracks about the advantages of taking a clean DI recording alongside a live guitar part, and we’ve looked at a couple of software amp-sims that can be used to bring those