Palmer Automat – Distautowah – Product review from audiofanzine.fr

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On the occasion of our recently published Palmer Mutterstolz distortion pedal review, your favorite website decided to revisit some of the German brand’s Root Effects, and here we review Automat, an analog distortion/auto-wah that saw the light of day in February 2012. German quality The Automat shares the same dimensions (4.7″ x 2.4″ x 5.9″)


Palmer Fab 5 Combo – Homemade Blues-Rock – Test report by Guitar Part magazine

Palmer Fab 5 _Guitar Part Magazine

It is often said that tube amps are the best because of their warmth, grit and perfect playback. The German company Palmer also shares this view because, after twenty successful years, it provides a very nice 5 Watt combo, the Fab 5, that combines the best of modernity and retro look. We had the Fab


Palmer Mutterstolz – Make your mamma proud – Test report by audiofanzine.fr

BB Palmer Mutterstolz audiofanzine.fr

Back in the day when fluorescent colors were in fashion, amps resembled fridges, all the songs on the radio had a guitar solo before the second chorus, and the Berlin Wall was still standing (Bingo!, the ’80s), German brand Palmer made a name for itself among guitar players with products such as the very popular


The Palmer Fab 5 is performing well, not only in the bedroom – Test report from Amazona

Amazona Testbericht PFAB

With the Palmer FAB5, the Hessian company near Frankfurt am Main, Germany enters a segment, which currently enjoys ever growing popularity like no other. We are talking about a small class A all-tube amplifier, playing in the single digit category in terms of wattage. The prospect of the power amplifier’s soft saturation at moderate volume