Press: The safe harbour for your effects pedals – The new universal Palmer Pedalboard PEDALBAY 60!


Guitar and bass players know the problem only too well: when the number of anti-personnel mines rises, construction and wiring of the colourful floor effects boxes quickly becomes a time-consuming process. In this case, pedalboards are the best, most practical solution – the selection of effects can be changed at any time; the devices can


PALMER Mutterstolz Tube Distortion Pedal – Test report by musicmaker.nl

Guitar pedals often have the most fantastic, extreme and exotic names. Think of classics such as the Big Muff and Electric Mistress through to the Fuzz War and Green Rhino from contemporary pedal builders. The German company Palmer has taken an entirely new direction and named its newest overdrive pedal Mutterstolz (mother’s pride). Palmer is


Palmer FAB 5 – a well-made, warm all-tube guitar combo – Test report by ISP Music

BBFAB 5 ISP Musica

Palmer has made a name for itself among guitarists, and while it is much better known for specialised injection boxes and speaker simulators for guitarists, which are undoubtedly its forte, the brand has nonetheless continued to move up in the ranks of manufacturers of enclosures and tube amplifiers for guitarists. Today we’re going to talk