Palmer Fat 50H & PCAB112RGN – Test Report by fuzz.se


Palmer Fat 50H is a German tube-driven amplifier head. The speaker box PCAB112 is equipped with a 12″ Eminence ReignMaker speaker chassis with the smart function FDM attenuation. As the name implies, the FAT 50H is a 50 watt amplifier head, and it has two 5881 tubes in the output stage. Since they wanted to


Palmer DREI – Test Report by fuzz.se

Palmer DREI

FUZZ is testing the hand-made tube amplifier Palmer Drei – a very reasonably priced, clever little guitar top with innovative tube technology. It’s already been twenty years since Palmer began its dominance as a market leader in speaker simulation, but in recent years it is the investment in affordable guitar amplifiers and custom made speaker


Palmer Octobus – Test Report by gitarist.nl

Are you looking for an affordable way of arranging your effects pedals into different patches? The Palmer Octobus might be just what you are looking for. Some guitarists place (often) old-fashioned pedals in a true-bypass loop to prevent them affecting the sound – even when they are switched off. But what if you put each


Palmer PDI06 – Product Review by Marc van de Graaf, rycooder.nl


Now here’s a piece of hardware that really solves practical issues! This little box enables you to use your stage-amp as a bedroom-/practice amp and, even better, let’s you use your favourite settings at all gigs and venues! It’s a Power Attenuator. So what it does is the following: The power of your amp needs