The power of WaveDynamics™ on 100V amplifiers

It’s only been a couple of years since AUDAC first introduced the SMA/SMQ amplifier line with WaveDynamics™ audio processing technology. This technology changed the way we were used to adjust advanced settings on an amplifier. Ever since then, the most advanced acoustic configurations like a 7-band fully parametric equalizer with adjustable frequency and Q-factor can


AUDAC Mounting set for speaker clusters

The CMA series is a cluster mounting set, allowing assembly of ATEO4 and ATEO6 speakers to any ceiling. This solution is especially designed for applications in large open indoor spaces where a uniform sound dispersion in all directions is required. Some typical application examples are: sports facilities, gym’s, large warehouses, hallways, etc. The CMA bracket


AUDAC BASO18 – A bigger brother

AUDAC’s BASO passive bass cabinet series are already known for their universal usability. Now the family gets the addition of a bigger brother that utilizes an 18” stiff and lightweight woven carbon fiber speaker cone. The exceptional strength and light weight of the carbon cone results in drastic reduction of break-up, therefore ensuring a high

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Maui 28 G2 de LD Systems – Banco de pruebas de bonedo.de

La reciente revisión de la serie Maui 28 de LD Systems recibe el apelativo de G2. Además de un lavado de cara, ofrece un diseño de mezclador mejorado con cuatro canales que incluye Bluetooth, una salida de subwoofer y la posibilidad de operar un sistema de estéreo con un segundo Maui 28 G2. Otras de