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LD Systems and Palmer support the new Jamliner Bus – Hamburg's musical bus

The Jamliner II is a former bus, which was rebuilt with help from sponsors to turn it into a mobile band rehearsal room. LD Systems contributed two DDQ 10 active speakers, a LAX6D compact mixer, and a LDHPA6 headphone amplifier. Palmer supported the project by providing high-quality DI speakers. The bus route covers socially-disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


Palmer Pedalbay 60 – Pedalboard – Review in Meet Music magazine

The market for affordable and easily transportable pedalboards, and by that we mean a system that is placed on the floor and which can accommodate a certain number of pedals, has previously been dominated by one brand. Palmer have decided it’s time for a change! That’s why the company is introducing a pedalboard onto the


Palmer Root Effect compressor – I like blue – test report from Bonedo.de

Our third test candidate from the range of Palmer Root Effects is blue and operates as a compressor. When it comes to dynamic processing, the tastes of guitarists are well-known to vary widely. Some like hard compression á la MXR Dynacomp, a legendary pedal which interferes strongly with the sound pattern, others prefer compressors which


Palmer DACCAPO Re-Amplification Box – Review by Guitar Interactive Magazine

Twenty years ago no one used re-amping – now everyone is at it. Andi Picker explores a magic box. I’ve written before in Making Tracks about the advantages of taking a clean DI recording alongside a live guitar part, and we’ve looked at a couple of software amp-sims that can be used to bring those


Palmer Pocket Series – Big Effects Package – Test report by Soundcheck magazine

Palmer delivers complete package of compact effect pedals in the Pocket Series. The individual pedals are also quite inexpensive. We have taken a closer look at them. The small pedals are sturdily built and likely to survive a harsh, mobile musical experience even when transported without protection. This is made possible by their solid housing,

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ln the mix – Interview with Cenzo Townshend by Dan Gumble

Mixer and audio engineer, Cenzo Townshend, speaks to Dan Gumble about gear, working with some of the biggest names in music and the importance of a healthy MI retail environment. Few mixers can boast a client list to rival that of Cenzo Townshend. Over the past two decades, he has mixed some of the most successful


Press: Fresh from the tuning workshop – the Palmer Pocket Amp MK 2

For even more sound variety and precision adjustment, the Palmer Pocket Amp has been reworked from the ground up. Inside the housing featuring the usual controllers and functions, the Pocket Amp MK 2 boasts a new drive that is tuned for optimum performance. Equipped with totally new High Performance Operational Amplifiers, the new MK 2

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Hello 100 – impressions from the Musikmesse and prolight + sound 2015

The Musikmesse and prolight + sound is one of the main international trade fairs for music, installations, events and productions. It took place from 15–18 April2015 in Frankfurt, where the music world came together to discover new products and highlights from many different suppliers. Adam Hall presented more than 100 new products and innovations at


Press: Snow white and limited – a special limited edition of the Palmer Monicon

The Palmer Monicon is the practical and convenient solution for volume control in a professional studio, or at home. When connected between your PC, laptop, tablet or MP3 player and an active monitor or home speakers, you can easily and precisely adjust the sound level using the large easy-grip knob of this nifty “little helper”.


Daniel Johnson – guitar technician for “The Black Keys” – wins the Top Dog Award 2015!

Daniel Johnson – long-time guitar technician for “The Black Keys” – was distinguished with the coveted “Top Dog 2015” award. Every year, the Tour Link Conference presents the best of the best in the tour community with the “Top Dog” award. The winners are selected by their colleagues. The Top Dogs Award Show is the

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