LD Systems Announces New Wireless Products and Frequency Bands

LD Systems launches new wireless products and frequency options indicated by their item number additions “B5” and “B6”. (= below 700 MHz) With these, LD wireless microphones, guitar and bass bodypacks, in-ear monitoring systems and portable wireless loudspeakers provide a choice of frequency bands allocated for professional applications or the LTE duplex gaps and the

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Palmer PWT08 – Universal power supply for effects pedals – A test report by Bonedo.de

The Palmer PWT08 is a universal power supply from the German manufacturer with a maximum power output of 2000 mA and eight 9 V connections. Two of these can be switched to 12 or 18 volts. Furthermore, the overall system is highly compact and weighs a mere 300 grams. This sounds extremely promising as there is never