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Audac towering above the roofs of Frankfurt – ALEX Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

“ALEX” invites visitors for food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere on the roof of the Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt. AUDAC products are used as the sound system. ALEX District Manager Sebastian Meyer and Bernard vom Bauer from Atmosphere Veranstaltungstechnik reflect on their experiences and approach for the installation and use of AUDAC products. ALEX


ma design supplies the circus project “Beppolino” with new Adam Hall products

The children’s circus “Beppolino” emerged out of the youth work from AWO-Kiel and has been very active for more than 13 years. Adam Hall’s customer ma design, supports many children locally in Kiel and from the surrounding area. Now the products from Adam Hall provide a professional sound in the arena. Adam Hall brands ah 19″