DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – der 53. Hessentag in Kassel 2013

The 53rd Hessentag 2013 in Kassel offers around 1000 free concerts, exhibitions, sports events, readings, and much, much more. That means that lots of cables are required in order to provide power for all of the events. Defender cable protectors are used to ensure that cables are optimally protected against damage and do not pose


Palmer Amp “Eins” – All-tube in miniature – Test Report by Grand Gtrs

A toy for grownups and real tube tone for your living room, no power soak required: The Palmer “Eins” is an all-tube amp with an output power of one watt. It puts power stage distortion with all of its fullness and nuances at your fingertips, even at quiet volume levels. The trick? Palmer uses a


Two Compression Drivers and a Horn from FaitalPRO

For this month’s Test Bench column, Voice Coil received two new compression drivers from FaitalPRO, the HF106 and the HF107, along with a FaitalPRO STH100 Elliptical Tractrix horn. Both the HF106 and the HF107 are new editions to a series of 1″ diameter compression drivers, using Ketone polymer diaphragms. This series includes the HF100, the


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Lionel Richie Concert at the Frankfurt Festhalle

The Defender MIDI was spotted at the opening concert of Lionel Richie’s German tour in Frankfurt’s Festhalle. One of the most popular and highly honoured contemporary artists enthralled the audience with ballads such as “Easy” or “Hello”. The Defender cable protectors provided optimal protection of the complicated system of cables in front of the stage


Palmer Speaker Simulators PDI-03, ADIG LB & ADIG ST – Test report by grand gtrs

For some, they are unpopular, as they might be considered an outrageous invasion of privacy between speaker and microphone. However, for many guitar applications, speaker simulators are highly desirable as a more direct alternative to miking; even Joe Bonamassa relies on the services provided by these devices. With their built-in filters, speaker simulators provide a


White is the new Black – Enter the LD Systems Photo Contest!

LD Systems celebrates the long-awaited summer 2013 and gives YOU a chance to win a very luxurious package full of high-quality holiday feelings! One lucky winner will receive the elegant Maui28 in white, a MOËT & Chandon Ice Imperial Set and exclusive Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses with a total value of 1540 €! All you

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LD Systems & Cameo Light at the 18th Hohenlohe Wine Village

The famous Hohenlohe Wine Village took place in July 2013. For the 18th time, the organisers can look back on to a very satisfying event. The large stage on the fairgrounds inspired thousands of spectators; the bands and event technicians were also mightily impressed by the good sound and coherent illumination. The DDQ series from


Product video: Cameo GOBO SCANNER 25 – LED Gobo Scanner Lighting Effect 25 W

An ultra bright 25-Watt LED engine, a colour wheel with eight dichro colours, and a gobo wheel with eleven gobos: these are the facts about the CLSCAN 25. With a pan of 180 degrees and a tilt of 90 degrees, the sharply focused light beam of this compact scanner is able to reach every corner


Product Video: Cameo Light MOVING HEAD 25 – LED Moving Head RGB 25 W

The Cameo CLMHRGB25W is a compact lightweight moving head with a high-efficiency, low power consumption 25 Watt white LED featuring XLR connectors for DMX input and output, an IEC power socket and fan cooling. Seven 21mm gobos plus an open spot, a range of 8 vivid colours + white and the 540° pan and 270°


LD Systems in the Wild West – the Karl May Festival 2013 in Pluwig

Every other year, Pluwig, in the Trier Saarburg area in the Rhineland-Palatinate, becomes the meeting place for all Karl May fans. The performance of Winnetou I already proved to be a crowd puller in 2003. With approximately 100 actors in authentic costumes, 30 horses and a great backdrop, the Karl May friends Pluwig e.V. offered