Palmer EINS – Test Report by guitarristaonline.es

This time the folks at Palmer have outdone themselves: this tube amplifier in the form of a head with one watt output is sufficiently versatile for in all kinds of places and on all kinds of stages. Since the company’s beginnings in custom amp building and modification, Palmer has established itself as a highly regarded


ah Truss – Extremely Versatile Three- and Four-Point Truss Systems

Concert stages are practically unthinkable without them, and truss systems are also frequently found in many other places: in discotheques and clubs, at public viewing events, in trade fair construction, and even in shop furnishings. Under the name ah Truss, Adam Hall now offers the professional three- and four-point systems TRI 290A and QUADRO 290A,


Palmer Drei – All good things come in threes – Test Report by Soundcheck

…Palmer Drei. Why make it complicated when you can keep it simple? That is what the folks at Palmer thought, too. So they packed three separate single-ended tube power amplifiers into one case and left the rest up to us guitarists. There is one EL84, one 6V6, and one 6L6 pentode from which to choose.

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Palmer Speaker Special – Seven winners and a surprise package – Test report from Guitar Magazine

As in the past, the influence of the speakers on the guitar sound is severely underestimated. While you carefully select amps, tubes, cables, effects, strings and pickups, it is often forgotten how much influence speakers and cabinets have on the sound. Using a selection of 1×12″ cabinets from Palmer, all equipped with different speakers, we


LD Systems’ PA system goes into the third generation – Test report by amazona.de

LD Systems has revised its active Dave PA system for the third generation edition and presents it as Dave G. The test features the smallest of the three types: LD Dave 10G³, active 10-inch bass reflex subwoofer with two passive satellite speakers. In addition to the revision of the design, a DSP is now also