“A stroke of genius” – MAUI 28 is best in test in the category “compact DJ systems” – Test Report by Beat Magazine

This month, Beat Magazine named the LD Systems MAUI 28 “best in test” in the category “compact DJ systems”. According to the test: “The MAUI 28 by LD Systems is a quasi modular PA system. The system includes a subwoofer with two eight-inch bass speakers as well as a 200-watt amplifier and limiter. It also


Adam Hall GmbH – (Almost) Everything for the Stage

Adam Hall GmbH offers parts for flight cases – CEO David Kirby relies on close bonds to community. The new building erected on the new Kellerborn industrial estate in 2008 is visible from afar: The black cube with the glazed administration building leaning against it is a prominent landmark on the boundary between Westerfeld and


LD Systems MAUI 28 – Product Review by DJ Cladeque

DJ Cladeque testing the Maui28 during a set on a private party in a nice location. Hi, I’m DJ Caldeque. I have been working for fifteen years as a DJ at various events, both in clubs as well as for private functions, weddings and birthday parties. In addition to being a DJ, I am also


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – The Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert

For events with large audiences, providing a safe environment is of the utmost importance. When it comes to events like these, the Power Company relies on the durability and flexibility of Defender cable protectors. The Vienna Philharmonic gave its annual summer night concert in Schönbrunn on 7 June 2012. The palace and Rococo gardens are


Palmer FAT50 meets Christian Herrle

This video shows Christian Herrle, offical Palmer user and studio guitarist from Frankfurt – Germany, playing on the Palmer FAT 50 guitar amp and discovering its sound possibilities. In this video Christian plays the Palmer FAT 50 through his Ibanez UV777 7-String, Gibson Les Paul and a 1 x 12″ guitar speaker equipped with Eminence


Time to Cover Your Ears – Adam Hall now distributes EarBombz by MultiSonus Audio

Adam Hall’s Europe-wide distribution of EarBombz by MultiSonus Audio marks its inclusion of yet another professional brand. These high-quality and long-lasting in-ear monitors meet the standards of demanding private users and professional performers, recording engineers and music producers. The new brand available from Adam Hall includes three different product series. For individual intended uses and

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Visit the showroom of Adam Hall – Palmer in Barcelona

Last May, Guitarrista had the pleasure of visiting the Showroom of the German company Adam Hall in Barcelona. Although the company sells many different brands, our interest today revolves mainly around the Palmer brand which focuses on products for the guitarist of today. Since the company’s beginnings of custom-made and modified amps, Palmer has established


Product Video: LD Systems DS21 – 2+1 -Cannel Speaker Processor

The LDDS21 3-Channel DSP Processor (L/R + 1 Mono SUB) is optimized for applications using the ESUB18 in combination with any product of the LDE speaker series. Of course it also works with other standard systems. Read more about the Product on: http://www.ld-systems.com/186-1-ldds21.html


Product Video: LD Systems DAVE 8 XS – Compact 8″ powered Multimedia System

The LD Systems DAVE8XS is a portable multimedia system equipped of an 8″ band pass subwoofer (150 W RMS) and two 4″ satellites (2 x 100 W). It was designed for all kinds of multimedia applications such as home recording, studio monitoring, PC speaker, small sized public facilities (such as bars/pubs) etc. The A/B class


Product Video: LD Systems Roadboy 65 – Portable PA Speaker

The compact, flexible sound system for small events, conferences, multimedia applications, podium discussions, schools, churches, etc. The ultra-compact battery-powered combo amplifier, measuring 30 cm x 22 cm and weighting only 5 kg, provides an impressive sound pressure level of 110 dB max. Despite its small format, this mobile all-in-one speaker box provides great audibility and

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