Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | Understanding Loudspeaker Power Ratings

Speaker power handling must be the most misunderstood specification in our industry. Knowing the power handling of a speaker is rather useless without considering other specs and details. It’s like knowing the “what” without the “when” or “where.” Eminence uses an industry standard method (EIA 426A) for establishing power ratings. A speaker is tested in


A Merry Christmas to all from Adam Hall

As the year 2012 draws to a close, we look back on an eventful period. Thank you to all of our customers, business partners, and friends for your faithful and successful cooperation. We wish you and yours a merry and blessed Christmas and all the best in 2013. The entire Adam Hall team


10 Years, 10 Prizes – LD Systems Anniversary Giveaway Valued Over €3.000!

With invaluable input from dealers and users alike LD Systems has become a highly successful pro audio brand. To celebrate 10 years in the industry 10 prizes will be given away on Facebook valueing a total of more than €3.000 retail. Submit your entry online at: https://www.facebook.com/LDSystems/app_188909107825605 With a fan community of 45.000 plus Facebook


Palmer Pocket Amp – For your wish list – Test Report by gitarist.nl


The Palmer Pocket Amp is multi-purpose and yet inexpensive. The ideal Christmas gift for the electric guitarist? Palmer made its name with the PDI 03 speaker simulator, which you can find in many professional guitarists’ racks. You can therefore happily assume that they know exactly how to simulate the sound of an amplifier. And that


Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | How to identify an old, or custom OEM speaker


One of the most frequently asked tech support questions goes something like this: “Hey I’ve got this old speaker and I’m pretty sure it’s an Eminence. Can you tell me what the power rating and other specs are?”In this video, Eminence Speaker Tech Anthony “Big Tony” Lucas points out how to find the information on


Of Mice & Men Interview – FOH Engineer Leonardo Solis and Justin Trotta about the PDI09


This video shows a short interview of Leonardo Solis and Justin Trotta, respectively Front Of House Engineer and Guitar Tech of the band “Of Mice & Men”. Palmer met the guys in Cologne, Germany on the occasion of their Europe Tour 2012. This band is powerful! We had a great time with them and we


Palmer Triage – Hum-Free Zone – Test Report by bonedo.de

By now, the manufacturer from the Hessian town of Neu-Anspach is not only a familiar name in Germany, but also warms the hearts of guitarists internationally with nearly everything one could wish for to ensure a trouble-free, successful performance. Their product range runs the gamut from effects pedals and various problem solvers for a host


Discrete looks, utmost stability – Adam Hall unveils TÜV-certified Wind Up Stand


With the SWU375, Adam Hall is unveiling a new, highly professional wind up stand in a matte black version that prevents disturbing light reflections. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications: in event technology, film, and photography in both mobile and stationary use. The TÜV-certified design is engineered for maximum safety and


Win a Cameo Sledge and a Cameo Fan Pack in our “LED it Snow”- Contest!


Contest is running til 13th of December. It’s easy, it’s fun. Join us on Facebook!


Sounds good – LD Systems’ “MAUI 11″ compact column powered PA system – Test Report by tools4music


The hometown of Adam Hall, distributors of the LD Systems brand, is nicknamed the “cloverleaf city”. An apt description of Neu-Anspach, a small town with four districts in the German state of Hesse. Nestled in the lovely Taunus Mountains, more properly in the northern Taunus, as those familiar with the place will tell you, it

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