DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Eiffel Tower in Paris 2007

35_Defender am Eifelturm 2007_Logo

The Eiffel Tower is tallest structure in Paris and draws some seven million paying visitors a year, making it one of the most heavily frequented landmarks in the world. It was erected during the years 1887–1889 as a monumental entry portal and observation tower for the World’s Fair commemorating the 100th anniversary of the French


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – “Festival de Peñas” Córdoba 2007

19_Festival de Peñas de Villa María- Cordoba-Argentinien 2007_logo

In the province Córdoba, also known as the “Heart of Argentina”, one of the most important folk music festivals is held each February at the Villa Maria. The Defender cable protectors provided optimal protection of the complicated system of cables in front of the stage and eliminated potential tripping hazards for concert-goers. Adam Hall has