Guest Author

If you would also like to become a guest author for the Adam Hall Blog please get in touch with our moderators Baptiste Languille or Miriam Clemens.

Herbert Bernstädt

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Herbert Bernstädt works for Adam Hall in the development department as a lighting specialist. He began in 1987 as a technician in the theater followed by other experiences chief electrician, technical director, development engineer for stage machinery and product managers in various companies. Incidentally, he enjoys reputation through his articles in the Production Partner, as a

Peter Ludl

Moderator / Author
Peter is an author, journalist and passionate musician. After completing his studies at the University of Essen several years ago, he was drawn back to Neu-Anspach in the Taunus region. Back then, Adam Hall was still located at the old site. Nowadays, Peter not only moderates blog posts for Adam Hall, he is also the contact person for all editors, keeping an ear open for good test reviews and