A system with almost unlimited possibilities – LD Systems CURV® 500 Series – Configuration Guides

The CURV 500® by LD Systems is the first truly portable array with WaveAhead® technology for high-definition audio quality with amazing pressure and excellent balance. The enhanced vertical and horizontal cover means that the system is fully scalable. Three sets are available for mobile and fixed applications: The CURV® 500 Entertainer Set, the CURV® 500


Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | Removing a Kilomax heat sink

Rated at 1,250 watts, the Kilomax Pro 18A and 15A models require an aluminum heat sink to help dissipate heat. As with all loudspeakers, there is a chance a Kilomax can eventually need reconing. In order to replace the cone in these models, you first have to remove this heat sink. Anthony Lucas, Eminence Speaker


Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | Understanding Loudspeaker Power Ratings

Speaker power handling must be the most misunderstood specification in our industry. Knowing the power handling of a speaker is rather useless without considering other specs and details. It’s like knowing the “what” without the “when” or “where.” Eminence uses an industry standard method (EIA 426A) for establishing power ratings. A speaker is tested in


Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | How to identify an old, or custom OEM speaker


One of the most frequently asked tech support questions goes something like this: “Hey I’ve got this old speaker and I’m pretty sure it’s an Eminence. Can you tell me what the power rating and other specs are?”In this video, Eminence Speaker Tech Anthony “Big Tony” Lucas points out how to find the information on


adam hall Hardware 0135 KIT – Repair Kit for Flightcase Surfaces


In this video adam hall´s hardware manager Martin Bitterlich introduces the adam hall flightcase repair kit. This kit is the perfekt solution for fixing a case with small damages and scratches. Martin Bitterlich: “Hello, my name is Martin. I am product manager for flightcase hardware at adam hall. Today I’d like to introduce our handy


How to stay informed about new content at Adam Hall with email notifications

This tutorial video shows you how to get emails sent to your inbox when new Adam Hall content is online. Hello and welcome to this Adam Hall tutorial. My name is Baptiste, I’m from the social media department. Today I’ll show you how to get information about brand new content from Adam Hall as fast

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