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Come and visit us at PLASA Focus in Glasgow!


This year, PLASA Focus will take place from 02:12. – 03/12/2014 at the SECC in Glasgow. We are pleased to present the latest highlights of our top brands Cameo, LD Systems and Palmer on our Booth A23! PLASA Focus features the industry’s leading distributors and manufacturers of lighting, audio, staging, and A/V and provides numerous


LD Systems MIX6AG2 and MIX6G2 – Practice Test (2/2) by Musiker Board

BLOG_LDMIX6AG2_LDMIX6G2_2 Musiker Board

Through Musiker Board, I had the opportunity to test the LD Mix 6 AG2 setup with its extension box LD Mix 6 G2. Here they are: Following @mHs, who already carried out the first test in the PA sub-forum, I would like to explore another possibility: deployment as a small PA system or as a


LD Systems MIX6AG2 and MIX6G2 – Product Review (1/2) by Musiker Board

BLOG_LDMIX6AG2_LDMIX6G2_2 Musiker Board

Two users of the platform Musiker-Board.de tested a MIX6AG2 active box donated by LD Systems, as well as its passive counterpart MIX6G2. This first test was carried out by user “mHs”, and particularly looks at the practicality of the two PA systems in different scenarios. In addition to standard PA requirements, namely to provide good


Oh MEI Oh MEI – LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 – Product review by amazona.de


Manufacturers can be very creative when it comes to product names: LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 is the last in-ear scion of the Neu-Anspach-based company. Whether the name is inspired by the merry month of may, or whether the inventor maintains a heartfelt fan relationship with singer-songwriter icon Reinhard Mey (which is however written with


Press: Ready for the podium – the powerful new GT series from LD Systems

BLOG_GT Serie_Titel

With its clear design, high quality components and sturdy wooden cabinets, the speakers of the brand new GT series from LD Systems are racking up lots of points. They convince with perfect sound, professional functionality and absolute road suitability, and at prices that are hard to beat in their performance class. Suitable for many PA

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LD Systems & Cameo Light at the Bakken amusement park in Copenhagen

LD Systems & Cameo Light at the Bakken amusement park in Copenhagen

The open-air stage at the amusement park of Bakken in Copenhagen had been working with the same electro-voice-point-source PA system for many years. It was high time to replace it with a more contemporary system. The challenge was to set up a system allowing for better control of the spread of sound, and at the


Press: The flagship sets sail – LD Systems MAUI 44 Column PA now on sale

LD Systems active column PA systems from the MAUI series have made musicians and audiences prick up their ears. With the recently introduced MAUI 44, the new flagship of the product line is finally on the market. The foundation is a powerful band-pass subwoofer with two 12″ neodymium drivers; the column elements with a total


Planet Festival Tour 2014 – LD Systems give away a WS 1000 G2 HHD Wireless Microphone


The Danube Island Festival is held every year in June for three days on the Danube Island in Vienna, and is the largest open-air festival in Europe with up to three million visitors. To support the band contest organised by our partner Planet.tt, we have provided a WS 1000 G2 HHD wireless microphone system from

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Africa at Lüneburger Heide – Adam Hall at the Serengetipark


The Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen (Lower Saxony) is a wildlife, safari and leisure park in Northern Germany. Since its foundation in 1974, conservation, research and sustainability play an important part in the philosophy of the operator, who depends on the reliability of the four durably installed mobile systems from Adam Hall.  The Serengeti Park uses the


Press: Anytime, anywhere – battery powered loudspeakers from LD Systems Roadjack Series

Roadjack Blog

With both 8″ and 10″ models, the Roadjack Series from LD Systems offers two fully featured packages for mobile sound applications. The battery powered 2-way-speakers allow for continuous use up to 20 hours; an integrated Bluetooth player enables the wireless streaming of music from laptops and smartphones. The player includes both a USB port and

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