Palmer Pedalbay 40 & 60 – Top class stomp box management – Product review by Amazona.de

Let’s face it, the phallus-like alignment of big full stacks have always drawn attention to themselves; but what guitarist enjoy finally being able to go all out with the power amp at a suitable open-air concert (the constructions are, unfortunately, too loud for club shows). On the other hand, the personal note of the artist


Palmer Pocket series – wobble, bang, float – product review from Guitar Magazine

Let’s be honest: In many ways, we guitar players are truly conservative – and that is a good thing. Effects with brand-new technology and state-of-the-art processors? Wonderful! But at the same time, every square centimetre of space on the pedal board is valuable. So it’s good that Palmer concentrated on small dimensions and the essential


Daniel Johnson – guitar technician for “The Black Keys” – wins the Top Dog Award 2015!


Daniel Johnson – long-time guitar technician for “The Black Keys” – was distinguished with the coveted “Top Dog 2015” award. Every year, the Tour Link Conference presents the best of the best in the tour community with the “Top Dog” award. The winners are selected by their colleagues. The Top Dogs Award Show is the