Press: The Other Half – Three New Eminence Guitar Speakers

New vintage guitar speakers by Eminence

If for understandable reasons, amplifiers are often called “the other half of the electric guitar”, then speakers are obviously the “constant companion” of the amps. They are significantly involved in the quality of the sound, and a change often works wonders for the guitar sound. With the models CV-75, GA SC64 and Legend EM-12, the


Press: Adam Hall Group announces SF SES for exclusive Distribution in Turkey


German manufacturer and distributor Adam Hall, global operating keyplayer from the ProAudio-, Event- and MI-Industry since nearly 35 years, has welcomed Turkish distribution and project heavyweight SF SES ve Isik Sistemleri A.S. from Istanbul as their exclusive distributor in Turkey, Cyprus and Azerbaidjan. SF SES is taking on the distribution for the manufacturer´s renowned brands LD Systems

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Audac towering above the roofs of Frankfurt – ALEX Skyline Plaza Frankfurt


“ALEX” invites visitors for food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere on the roof of the Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt. AUDAC products are used as the sound system. ALEX District Manager Sebastian Meyer and Bernard vom Bauer from Atmosphere Veranstaltungstechnik reflect on their experiences and approach for the installation and use of AUDAC products. ALEX


ma design supplies the circus project “Beppolino” with new Adam Hall products

Zirkus Beppolino BB

The children’s circus “Beppolino” emerged out of the youth work from AWO-Kiel and has been very active for more than 13 years. Adam Hall’s customer ma design, supports many children locally in Kiel and from the surrounding area. Now the products from Adam Hall provide a professional sound in the arena. Adam Hall brands ah 19″

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Online now – the brand-new Rolling Stones Cable-website!

rolling stones website

Adam Hall is working with the “World’s Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Band of All Time”, the Rolling Stones and Bravado to bring the exclusive Rolling Stones® cable series to the market. Adam Hall now presents a brand new page, on which you can get information on the strictly limited cable line.The common cable line bears

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Press: Adam Hall® launches exclusive Rolling Stones® Cable Series


The “World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band of All Time”, The Rolling Stones and Bravado cooperate with Adam Hall and present a strictly limited cable line on the market. The most famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Band of All Time, unanimously agreed across the generations, the Rolling Stones® was formed in 1962. Whether in the studio


“Two days of music and rhythm pure” – LD Systems DDQ series at the SONOR Days 2014

Sonor Days

On 24 and 25 May, the Second Edition of the SONOR Days was held around the premises of the musical instrument manufacturer SONOR, based in Bad Berleburg-Aue. Adam Hall customer Matthias Schneider GmbH installed the LD Systems DDQ series on the stage of the international festival. SONOR is a German company that manufactures percussion instruments


A secure hold for effects pedals – PEDALBAY 40, the smaller Palmer pedalboard


When you like to work with various floor effects, at some point you don’t want to muck around wasting precious time with the assembly and disassembly of your stomp boxes. A pedalboard is the ideal remedy for that situation. Here, the effects devices are held securely in place, are hard-wired, and can be arranged to