Maximum comfort when choosing an amplifier and speaker- the Palmer Matrix at Thomann


The modular design allows the Palmer Tone Surveyor system to expand to a maximum of 180 amps and speakers, which can be compared with each other “as easily… as switching a preset on an effects device,” said Werner Michel, head of the guitar department at Thomann. Each connection can be switched within seconds via power


Enough to make (not just) a mother proud – Palmer’s new distortion pedal – Test Report by bonedo.de

bonedo tests the Palmer Mutterstolz – While other manufacturers give their distortion pedals names like Totenschläger, Röttweiler or Pisdiyauwot, the team in Neu-Anspach, Germany was very modest indeed, and even took the opposite approach. Their latest product, a distortion pedal, answers to the name Mutterstolz (i.e., “Mother’s Pride”). Maybe there is also a strategic reason