Online now – the brand-new LD Systems website with “responsive” design


The LD Systems website is online now with a fresh, new design. At http://www.ld-systems.com/en/home/, the brand is presenting itself with easy-to-follow menus and numerous new features that enable users to find new products, dealers, test reports, and much more quickly and selectively. The new layout emphasises clarity and user-friendliness: the “responsive design” adjusts automatically to


Maximum comfort when choosing an amplifier and speaker- the Palmer Matrix at Thomann


The modular design allows the Palmer Tone Surveyor system to expand to a maximum of 180 amps and speakers, which can be compared with each other “as easily… as switching a preset on an effects device,” said Werner Michel, head of the guitar department at Thomann. Each connection can be switched within seconds via power


LD Systems DDQ 10 & DDQ 12 Active Speaker Systems – Fairtrade – Test Report by tools4music

schwer zu toppen

What is decisive for the quality of a PA speaker system is the quality and combination of the speakers and the ability to match these components optimally with one another. As far as the first point is concerned, with the brand-new DDQ active series, LD Systems can draw on abundant resources. Adam Hall distributes BMS


Stacking trusses securely with the T-Claw from Adam Hall


With the T-Claw, Adam Hall is introducing an especially practical truss stacker for standard trusses with an outer tube dimension of 290mm. It is a type of elastic clamp that surrounds the outer edges of the truss and thus provides optimum protection of the sensitive material during transport, setup or storage. Thanks to the special


Enough to make (not just) a mother proud – Palmer’s new distortion pedal – Test Report by bonedo.de

bonedo tests the Palmer Mutterstolz – While other manufacturers give their distortion pedals names like Totenschläger, Röttweiler or Pisdiyauwot, the team in Neu-Anspach, Germany was very modest indeed, and even took the opposite approach. Their latest product, a distortion pedal, answers to the name Mutterstolz (i.e., “Mother’s Pride”). Maybe there is also a strategic reason


The winner of the Jacob & Phil Fill and LD Systems contest has been determined!


So guys, the time has come! We have a winner! Just as a reminder: the lucky winner will receive a signed album and a very attractive t-shirt from Jacob & Phil Fill, as well as a STINGER G2 Series speaker from LD Systems! And the winner is: Steven Baltot of Germany He asked for the


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Security Level 1+ for the US President in Berlin

Germany had been waiting for this: Five years after his last visit, US President Barack Obama landed in Berlin. Extremely tight security precautions were implemented in the capital. Security Level 1+ didn’t apply just to the President. The complicated system of cables at the Brandenburg Gate was also extremely well protected by DEFENDER cable protectors.


Win a LD Systems STINGER G2 speaker and the current “Jacob & Phil Fill” CD!

Some time ago, we had the pleasure of supporting these two newcomers to the German singer-songwriter scene at a concert in Mainz. On 21 December 2012, LD Systems provided “Jacob & Phil Fill” with a complete STINGER G2 setup. The final gig of their 2012 tour was held in a brand-new venue called “Dicke Lillie,