Eminence Speaker – We are Eminence


Eminence Speaker is known the world over for making high quality loudspeakers at a great value for the professional audio and musical instrument markets. But there are many aspects of Eminence that aren’t well known, such as how we got started, how we manufacture our products, opportunities we provide for employees as well as for


Ready To Fly – LD Systems VA4 Line Array Speaker


VA4 Line Array – Ever since they hit the scene, line arrays have become the system of choice for PA applications necessitating excellent directivity and controlled coverage. The VA4 elements of the LD Systems Premium Array Series are the ultra compact lightweight solution for a wide variety of array configurations. With easy portability and powerful


Product Video: Cameo Studio PAR 64 CAN – 18 x 8W QUAD Colour LED PAR Can RGBW

Extremely high-powered LED studio PAR in a black, short housing. Ruggedly made housing in studio look with built-in filter frame holder. The Cameo CLPST64Q8W has a total of 18 quad LEDs (RGBW), thus guaranteeing perfect mixing of solid and pastel colours including white. With a power consumption of just 170 watts, the 8-watt quad LEDs


Palmer DREI – the power of three tubes – a test report from Delamar.de


In the Palmer Drei test report, we have an unusual concept on the test bench: it houses no less than three separate power amplifiers with different tubes. The sound of the guitar amplifier can then be mixed continuously according to your own taste – how good that sounds and what else this tube amp has


Eminence Speaker | Tech Talk with “Big Tony” | Removing a Kilomax heat sink

Rated at 1,250 watts, the Kilomax Pro 18A and 15A models require an aluminum heat sink to help dissipate heat. As with all loudspeakers, there is a chance a Kilomax can eventually need reconing. In order to replace the cone in these models, you first have to remove this heat sink. Anthony Lucas, Eminence Speaker


Giveaway – LD Systems is celebrating Daft Punk’s comeback!

Daft Punk is finally releasing its eagerly awaited new work on May 17th. For months now everything has revolved around the new song “Get Lucky”, which had a brilliantly staged release. The whole world is now looking forward to the brand-new album of the French duo. To celebrate the comeback of the band, LD Systems


LD Systems DDQ12 – Test Report by PRODUCTION PARTNER

Good components and a complex signal path are no longer solely big-ticket features: the DDQ12 is an active 2-way speaker with high-quality drivers and a built-in DSP system, and we put its capabilities to the test. LD Systems, a sales brand of Adam Hall, offers a whole string of professional audio equipment. This includes numerous


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Three Wise Kings’ Parade Madrid


Pictures were taken the 4th of January, one day before the Three Wise Kings’ parade. The product is customised to “TVE”, the Spanish public broadcaster and it was used to protect many cables ran to cameras to record the parade on video.Adam Hall has been developing and manufacturing the DEFENDER series for more than fifteen


Balanced sound by LD Systems – Rock and Pop on the Rhine island Langenau

IMAGHofgut Langenau

On 1 May and on Ascension Day, it gets a little noisy and turbulent on the country estate of Langenau. Cool rock music, oldies of the 70s and 80s but also smoother sounds fill the courtyard and halls, echoing up through the meadows and pastures of the island on the Rhine. About 3300 listeners were


This was the 2013 Musikmesse!

The entire Palmer team would like to thank all visitors for an exciting and inspiring 2013 Musikmesse. For all of you who were unable to attend the trade fair and visit us there, we have put together a summary of the highlights below: For additional information, go to: Palmer EINS, Palmer Mutterstolz Impressions of the