Press: All in one – the MAUI 28 MIX active column PA now comes with a three-channel mixer from LD systems

MAUI28MIX blog

After causing quite a stir among musicians, event organisers and the public with its compact column system MAUI 28, LD Systems is now remaining true to its ‘pro audio in motion’ motto and presenting a new version of the popular PA system – the MAUI 28 MIX. Enhanced connection and control options make the compact


Press: Cameo Light – Launch of “responsive” website + big giveaway!

The Cameo Light-website has been designed with clarity and user-friendliness in mind: www.cameolight.com new on the Internet. You can now easily find out everything you want to know about all our lighting products. Here you will find everything about lighting systems, lighting effects and PAR-projectors with LED-technology. But the new website offers greater functionality for


Gauze fabrics for stages, new in the range of Adam Hall – but what is “GAUZE”?

Whoever googles “Gauze” finds the following definition on Wikipedia: “a light, semi-transparent fabric”, often used “in music …for drying and cleaning of the inner tube of flutes”. In the medical field, the fabric originally produced in cotton, is usually called “Gauze” and is used for dressing wounds. Recently, Adam Hall also introduced Gauze in its


Palmer Mutterstolz – Mother’s Pride and Joy Does the Business! – Test report by amazona.de

Palmer Mutterstolz? OK, first let’s ask ourselves this: how many distortion pedal manufacturers are there worldwide? There must be thousands! How many distortion pedal manufacturers are there in Germany? There must be around a hundred! How many German manufacturers are there who make everything in Germany? Just a few! And how many of those manufacturers


LD Systems WIN 42 HHD – Wirelessly Happy – Test Report by Soundcheck

Radio systems have not yet found their way into every club, but they have become an essential part of the entertainment and music industry and also enjoy increasing popularity in the semi-professional range. We now present the WIN 42 HHD wireless microphone system from LD Systems. Win 42 HHD makes a solid, professional impression and


Press: You make it rock, we make it roll: LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie – available now!


LD Systems has once again implemented its ‘pro audio in motion’ philosophy: the ultra-compact complete PA system DAVE 8 Roadie with an integrated 3-channel mixer is now available. Extremely easy to transport and with impressive features, the 2.1 system’s sheer versatility and astounding performance impress during mobile use. The DAVE 8 Roadie features three different


Press: Attractive stage look and protection from wind and weather – Gauze fabrics by Adam Hall

Gauze is essential for stages, FOH and delay towers or platforms. As of now, Adam Hall offers a polyethylene mesh in different grades, all of which are classified as B1 flame retardant according to DIN 4102. The lightweight but stable-and tear-resistant stage mesh is especially suited for outdoor events as covers, backdrops, curtains, and for


Press: The compact audio interface for computers – LD Systems LAX 3 USB mixer


Nearly all home computers and laptops only have 3.5 mm mini jack connectors for audio connections. Other connector types require adapters, which do not offer a stable and reliable solution and require frequent plugging in and unplugging of connectors. LD Systems remedies this situation with the LAX 3 USB, which is compatible with all Windows