SLIM, COMPACT & SEXY – the brand new MAUI 11

The 350 Watt all-in-one array system expands the successful MAUI series to include an even slimmer, more compact system – at a price below €650. The high-performance, convenient MAUI11 is an active 2.1 column PA system with a particularly large broadcast angle and very even sound distribution in the audience space and on the stage.


Palmer MI at Musikmesse 2012 – come visit us!

Palmer Musikmesse 2012

www.palmer-germany.com/mi www.facebook.com/palmergermany www.youtube.com/palmergermany


LD Systems at Prolight & Sound 2012 – come visit us!

www.ld-systems.com www.facebook.com/ldsystems www.youtube.com/ldsystemsvideos


CAMEO “LED PAR64″ – Power with 183 LEDs – Test Report by Event Rookie

PAR lights were the first stage lighting instruments to be equipped with LED technology. Since then, they have been joined by highly successful moving lights, blinders, and even Fresnel lenses. There are numerous different vendors who sell PAR cans. Adam Hall is the exclusive distributor for Cameo equipment and has been offering an LED-PAR can


First-class sound reinforcement in a luxurious atmosphere – LD Systems in Paris’ Gran Caffé Convivium


The Grand Caffè Convivium is located on the Rue Marbeuf in Paris, near the Avenue des Champs Élysées. This outstanding gourmet restaurant also underscores its special quality through the use of LD Systems’ high-quality products. In addition to exclusive Italian cuisine, patrons of the Gran Caffè Convivium experience a sophisticated mix of the enjoyment of


Early world release! Adam Hall at Prolight+Sound 2012!

This year, Adam Hall presents exciting news at the Prolight + Sound 2012. Hall 8.0 booth D50 (Adam Hall) and Hall 6.1 booth C26 (LD Systems) Adam Hall will be presenting the third Generation of the DAVE speakers with DSP control as well as the multifunctional housing from the STINGER Series which has been entirely


Palmer Fat 50 Guitar Amplifier – Test Report by rycooder.nl

FAT50_Titel Ry

I’m hooked on this amp! The Palmer FAT50 guitar amplifier delivers what the specifications suggest. And more! This state of the technique work of German engineering exceeds all expectations. An amp that follows me through my musical styles, from Country, Country Rock, Southern Rock, to Blues and Blues Rock. The standard footswitch panel really emphasizes


The eye catcher of 2012 – LD Systems’ MAUI28 now also comes in white!


Musicians who attach great importance to both perfect sound and captivating design are delighted. There is no doubt that the white, “all-in-one” column system is an eye catcher and unites excellent sound with simple elegance. The Maui28 is the ideal solution for musicians and DJs, as well as for presentations and sophisticated music recordings. The


Palmer Pocket Amp – Test Report by Sound on Sound

Palmer Pocket Amp

Palmer’s Pocket Amp aims to eliminate the need for an amp or mic when playing electric guitar. Built into a compact, rugged aluminium chassis, it just about deserves to be called ‘pocket-sized’. Four pots, labelled Drive, Level, Treb and Bass, mimic those you’d find on an amp. Below these are four switches, marked Amp (for


Adam Hall – Company Profile

It is always interesting to meet the people behind a company. Seeing for oneself where a product comes from, how production is organised, soaking up the team’s atmosphere… We recently paid a visit to Neu-Anspach in Germany, where Adam Hall is based. Adam Hall started out as a manufacturer of flightcase parts, but has since

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