Adam Hall – Exhibition Dates 2013

Adam Hall Exhibitions 2013 Overview

Again in 2013, Adam Hall will keep you informed about all of our new products at various trade fairs worldwide. Visit us and get to know the world of Adam Hall and find out about our products and our company! Here are all of the dates and important information: January 2013 24.01. – 27.01.2013 Namm


LD Systems: 10 Years of Evolution – Report by “das Musikinstrument”

In 2002, the distributor Adam Hall unveiled its first own PA systems under the name LD Systems. Within the space of just ten years, this evolved into a remarkable pro audio brand with a product range that covers the gamut of speaker cabinets, line arrays, wireless systems, and mixers. We met the creators David Kirby,


All essential Cameo LED PAR spotlight functions in comparison

Cameo_Übersicht EN

When it comes to casting the right light on music and its surroundings, Cameo Light offers a wide range of professional lighting equipment. In addition to classic PAR cans with modern LED innards, the product range also includes effects, bars, sets, moving heads, and matching accessories. We offer a summary of essential functions and the


Product Video: LD Systems DAVE 15 G3 – Active PA-System with DSP

The DAVE 15 G3 is LD Systems’ most powerful active compact system. A bass reflex subwoofer with a 15” driver constitutes the massive, powerful foundation. The satellites with 8” drivers and HF horns are responsible for a natural sounding, assertive midrange and transparent treble. The subwoofer incorporates a 3-way power amp module that drives the


Product Video: LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 – Active PA-System with DSP

The new LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 is the perfect active PA system for high-powered live gigs, multimedia presentations, and permanent installations in bars and clubs. A 12” bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5” drivers and HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural mids, and clear treble. The 3-way


Product Video: LD Systems DAVE 10 G3 – Active PA-System with DSP


The LD Systems DAVE 10 G3 is the latest generation of an extremely compact active PA system. The bass reflex subwoofer provides a solid bass foundation; the satellites ensure clearly defined mids and clear treble. The 2.1 power amp module built into the subwoofer delivers 1 x 150W + 2 x 100W continuous power, and


The Palmer Triline – An ABY Splitter with Extras – Test Report by bonedo.de

We continue with the Trilline by Palmer. The name already betrays how it works, and if you take it literally, the device actually can split the guitar signal three ways. However, the Triline more properly belongs in the ABY category, since the third output is intended only for the tuner and also is not individually


Palmer Drei – Three in one bread bin amplifier – Test Report by gitarist.nl

We see 5-watt single channel valve guitar amplifiers in a hip bread bin casing a lot more often these days. But fit one with three separate power amplifiers and you have a completely unique concept. Get to know the Palmer Drei. The name Palmer became famous a the end of the 80’s and the beginning


DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Wannsee Lakefront Amphitheatre, Berlin

Tobias Rösch, team leader of the Export Department at Adam Hall, spotted the Defender Midi at the Wannsee Lakeside Festival in Berlin. Adam Hall has been developing and manufacturing the DEFENDER series for more than fifteen years now. In addition to the increased need for safety, the professionalization of all industries and the economic efficiency


Adam Hall enters into European distribution partnership with platform manufacturer 2M

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Effective immediately, Adam Hall’s product category “Truss & Stage Accessories” includes a wide selection of professional stage platforms. With the German manufacturer 2M Theater & Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, Adam Hall GmbH has gained as a partner a modern company with a successful past and a promising future for the Europe-wide distribution of professional stage technology. “After