Magic Box – Palmer Pocket Amp – Test Report by Grand Gtrs


GRAND EFFECTS & ACCESSORIES Until now, the slogan “square, practical, good” reminded me only of the calorie-rich treats produced by a famous southern German chocolate maker. It’s time to think again, however, because there is an opulently equipped little vest-pocket helper that doesn’t taste as good, but sounds sweet and, especially for guitarists, is hugely


News from Adam Hall Open Days 2011 – Outdoor Demo of the LD Premium Line Array systems thrills the visitors


On 5 and 6 October 2011, the Open Days at Adam Hall corporate headquarters in Neu Anspach near Frankfurt am Main were held for the fourth time. A successful event with many informative presentations, workshops, and product demonstrations. This year, too, there was a great deal of interest – dealers from all over Europe travelled


LD Maui 28 presents a versatile sound system for the Volksbank


At various seminars and conferences of the Volksbank,as well as during a entertainment show featuring live music, the LD MAUI 28 proved versatile and impressed the 150 guests with its well-balanced sound. The Maui 28 from LD Systems was used for various seminars and conferences of the Volksbank in 2013. Two of the systems were


The Newspaper FAZ is thrilled! Palmer DREI – One amplifier for each Sound


The Palmer Drei makes guitarist’s dreams come true and promises “distortion in its purest form”. We can certainly confirm this: A three-way, single-end amplifier for the eternal seeker in us all. by Uwe Lill Guitarists usually all suffer from the same ailment: They are caught up in the eternal quest for the one true, holy


Palmer Tone Center – test it now at more than 100 dealers!


With the Palmer Tone Center, more than 100 dealers now offer their customers the possibility to test any guitar speaker professionally directly in their shop. Now, for the first time, any guitarist is able to configure & order his personal guitar speaker cabinet right at the dealer’s shop! Guitar speakers are one of the most


The first speaker selector for loudspeaker presentation – Grand Audition, the innovation from Palmer!


Grand Audition – an innovation for comparing passive and active loudspeakers and subwoofers and the first speaker switcher to permit comparison of 10 pairs of stereo cabinets and 4 subwoofers at the push of a button. Professional presentation of loudspeakers and subwoofers is guaranteed with this heretofore unique speaker switcher. It permits an impressive and


LD Systems – MAUI 28 “Plug and Play” – Test Report by Soundcheck


  Everything is becoming more compact and modular, and, ideally, what we want is optimum results with a minimum of fuss, right? Smartphones with one-knob logic, browsers with single-button autocomplete, hot-swappable computer peripherals, and a car with Tiptronic instead of a gas pedal and a clutch switch. Plug and play was yesterday, today everything happens


Product Video: LD Systems WIN 42 – Wireless Microphone System


Due to the changed situation in the area of general frequency allocations for the operation of wireless systems starting in 2015, LD Systems decided to develop the even more flexible and highly professional WIN 42 wireless system. With its outstanding audio quality, the LD Systems WIN 42 UHF system offers numerous potential applications for live


Product Video: LD Systems Mei 100X – In-Ear Monitoring System


The MEI 100 is a wireless in-ear monitoring system with outstanding sound characteristics. A corrected frequency response ensures optimal adaptation to auditory requirements. The MEI-100 features 160 possible frequencies, permitting 10 systems to be operated in parallel without intermodulation. A limiter at the input prevents distortion even with an overload of +12 dB, providing optimal


WS 1000 & WS 1616 – Wireless Chaos Part 1 – Test Report by tools4music


UHF Wireless Microphones in the 300-Euro-and-Under Price Class I can recall a time when using a wireless mic was still a big deal. Mics of that era still used the good old VHF band, which was dropped a few years later in favour of the now common UHF band. While those early wireless systems cost

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